TV & Online commercials

Storytelling has been used from the dawn of civilisation. No wonder why it is still the most powerful way to promote what you do. Our team has experience in directing short films so you are in good hands. Our services include concept development, script writing, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, filming, post-production, and final delivery for TV and social media.

Brand & Client Story

A good way to promote your business is to make your customers resonate with you on a personal level. You can either explain your story yourself or let your clients describe the value you offer. What we call a client story. In both cases, it involves interviews with your team and a showcase of what you do. Profiling the people and the story of your company can create an engaging experience.

Animated Explainers

Animation is a great medium for explaining to your audience what you offer or what you do. At Sirius Productions, our team can create a variety of animation techniques and styles from character animations, motion titles, stop motion, flat design icons and more. From key messages to product explanations and instructional videos.

Event Videos

Whether you are launching a new product, taking part in an exhibition or opening a venue, don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote what you do and who you are with a branded video. At Sirius Productions, we can capture unique moments and put together a compelling highlight video for your social media so your events will never be forgotten.

App/Website Walkthrough

When you have a mobile application or a brand new website, a walkthrough video can be an excellent way to highlight all the features. It’s also recommended if you want to show how to use your platform for internal or external use. At Sirius Productions, we can create dynamic videos using motion graphics, screen captures of your app/website and animation.

Your Documentary

What if you could watch a documentary about your loved one's life or on your business?

We have created this special offer for anyone to get a chance to make a documentary.

Weather it be as a gift to your children to learn more about their grand parents, for your customer to discover the backstory of your business or for your future self about a specific moment in your life you want to see immortalised.

And much more


Live action

Whether you want an interview, a talk to camera or a multi-location narrative commercial, our in-house team can handle all steps in the production such as writing, directing, filming, editing, visual effects, sound mixing, color grading and work with the best professional equipment suitable for your projects.


Character animations, motion titles, stop motion, flat design icons, whiteboard and more. From key messages to product explanations and instructional videos.

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