Branded video & Client Story

One of the best ways to promote your business is to draw your audience in by creating a personal connection to your brand. Communicating directly with your target audience creates a powerful connection. Show a product they would buy and a service they would use. Profiling the people and the story of your company can also create an engaging experience. Let your brands personality shine!

Connect through storytelling with emotional narrative pieces or simply showcase your company’s services and talent in a vivid and memorable way. You can let stunning visuals speak for themselves or create a narrative.

We work with you to create beautiful on brand videos that help you connect with your audience and achieve your business goals.

Some of our previous example

Obeauty App

Obeauty asked us to create a client story for their beauty booking mobile app. The idea was to follow the journey of a gym coach using the app to book a hair saloon. Combined with interviews and a showcase of the hair work, the result is an engaging and dynamic client story video that demonstrate how useful the Obeauty app can be.

F45 Sydney CBD

F45 wanted a video to enroll more people in the Gym located in Sydney CBD. We created a video based around the two coaches testimonial and people training during a morning session. Simple and effective.

Our process to make Brand & Client Story video


We suggest some creative approach for your brand & Client story video.


Our team organise the shooting with interview content, product shots and even aerial videography if needed.


This is where the magic happens. We take care of all the post production.


We provide a long version along with cut downs of the highlights video for your different social channels.

How much does it cost?

Because every single project is different, we can only give you a starting price for a branded video & Client Story. We can give you a precise quote once we have established the scope of your project.