The most common questions about our

video production process

What is the cost of a video?

Each video is unique and requires specificities that impact the final cost. We will give you a personalised quote by estimating how many hours will be necessary to complete your project as well as the equipment, talent and crew. However, we have a general budget range for each category to give you an idea of the cost. You can also opt for our subscription package and be sure to receive a constant flow of videos per month.

Do I pay upon completion?

Before starting to work on your project, we ask for a deposit of 50% based on the quote. This allows us to cover the first phases of production. Once the final version is approved, the remaining 50% will be issued and you will receive the downloadable links upon payment.

Do you write a script?

If you need a video but have no idea what to do, we can develop a concept and write a script. We can also take your existing idea and collaborate with you in the development phase.

Do you use existing assets?

For some videos, it is not necessary to capture or create everything ourselves, particularly to keep the cost low. In these cases, we have access to a multitude of stock footage, graphic assets and music to choose from. If you want your project to be 100% original, we will organise every shot and graphics to be created from scratch and hire a music composer.

Who is involved in the video production process?

It all depends on the scope of your project. The team can be stripped down to the bare minimum with a production manager and one videographer/editor. Medium to large productions will require talent and additional technicians. The larger the production crew, the larger the budget required.

How long does it take to finish a video?

One of our most frequent feedback comments is that we are fast" "Depending on the complexity of the edit, we try to deliver the first video draft a week after the shoot

Do I own the videos once finished?

You are free to use the video as you see fit. After all, that’s why you pay for it. However, we will keep the original footage captured or created as we remain the copyright holder. In some circumstances, we can transfer you all the footage for a fee. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions. Usage rights will depend on agreements made in your contract.

How will my video be delivered?

Once the first draft is ready, we will send you a link to preview it. This allows you to give feedback. Then, the final version will be released after payment on a downloadable link.

How many changes are allowed?

The standard number of revisions included in the quote is two. Extra revisions will come at an extra cost. That being said, we understand that a small change can be requested once the video is finished and we will be flexible to make sure you get the best video.

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