Presenting to camera can be a daunting task. Preparation is key for a smooth production.

Here are my tips for presenting to camera.


  1.  Maintain good posture and eye contact and ensure that your tone is appropriate for your audience. Project your voice and pause when necessary. Pace your breathing
  1. Body language is key. Feel free to use your hands as this allows you to be more expressive and natural. If the subject matter permits, be sure to smile from time to time.
  1. Whether you are using an autocue or not, practicing your script is imperative to a natural presentation. Reading from an autocue can be challenging as the text moves quite quickly. Ensure that the autocue speed is appropriate for the pace of your presentation.
  1.  I always aim to learn my speech by heart. I don’t need to learn the entire speech. When we record the video I  only recite one block at a time. I learn each paragraph and review the next paragraph between takes. This creates a more authentic presentation.

     5.  It is good to record the same paragraph a couple of times before moving onto the next one.                 This gives the editor a variety of takes to use during the editing process.


Whether you are a novice or a professional presenter, our team at Sirius Production will walk you through the process and coach you to get the best result.

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