As a business owner, you understand the benefits of video when used as a key element in your marketing strategy.

But  where do you begin?

If you have never worked with a production company before and are unsure of the process and what to expect, we have created a video series to guide you.

In this video we will dive into the first step of the production process which is SCOPING AND CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT and explain the FIVE KEY STEPS.

Whether your project is a simple 15 second animation or a full scale multi-day shoot, we will walk you through each step of the production process. You may also have your own concept and are just looking for a production company to produce it. We are here to help you with any aspect of production. 

We start by gathering all the details of your project in a production brief. A production brief is a guide of what you would like to achieve and how you would like to achieve it. The more details the better. 

So let’s jump into the


1.   We begin by getting to know your business. You know your brand better than anyone.  So     we sit down with you to understand what you do, why you do it, and who you target. If you are           unsure of  the most effective way to convey your message, we can help you. We collaborate           with you to develop material tailored towards your needs. Creating engaging content targeted at your customer base.

   2.  After we have a better understanding of your business and your vision, we then Identify                   your needs, goals, and the deliverables 

        •  What do you want to achieve with your video?

        •  What does success look like to you?  More engagement and ultimately more business?

        •  Do you need one video for your website, monthly videos to keep your audience informed,                a full scale TVC, or a pitch video to send investors?

        •  What platforms will your video be hosted? Social media, YouTube, your company website,                          internal reports?

           Once we have established your needs, goals, and deliverables we move onto

   3.  Defining your key message

When developing your key message, you have to be clear on who your target audience is, what they need, and what they will respond to. Do you need to reach them on a deeper, more personal level and engage with them through storytelling? Are you demonstrating a product or your authority on a subject, pitching a new business idea, or showing how your service is right for them?

We discuss the tone of your video. Will it be fast paced and action packed, steady and even toned, happy and light hearted?

What do you want your audience to feel and do after they see your video? This will all effect how your messaging is delivered.

    4.  Once we have a clear understanding of your goals and messaging we will develop Three                 concepts for your video based on the initial production brief.

    5.  We will agree on one concept to develop further based on your goals, budget, and                  time requirements.

Once signed off, and the fee schedule approved, we will move on to pre-production.

As production manager, it is my job is to make sure that your production is on brand, on time, and on budget.  The more I know about your brand and what you would like to achieve the more I can plan to make it a success.

If you are ready to start the production process with Sirius Productions, reach out to us today

In our next video we will walk you through the

STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PRE PRODUCTION and the importance of planning

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