Your production day has finally arrived! This is the day we have prepared you for.


Everyone on the shoot will have received a call sheet the day before. A call sheet is  a timeline of the production day and all relevant details. 

To make the most of the day and to have your production run smoothly, everyone needs to come  as prepared as possible. 

And It is good to understand that only a fraction of the shoot day is spent actually filming. Setting up, troubleshooting,  adjusting, styling, and changing scenes accounts for a great deal of time on set. Depending on the production, we shoot for about 10 minutes for every hour of setting up 

The production day begins with a BUMP IN time and ends with a BUMP OUT time. The bump in time is when the crew arrives to set up. The bump out time is the estimated finish time.  The call sheet will indicate the arrival times of everyone else involved and if we have to change locations.

We will work through the scenes on the shot list and there will be breaks allocated throughout the day as well

If you are new at presenting to camera, Autocue will be available to help you with your lines. You will have time at the beginning of the shoot to rehearse using the autocue.

Whether simple or elaborate, Shoot days are always fun. Meticulous planning will ensure that the production day runs as smoothly as possible. But we also expect the unexpected and love to troubleshoot on the fly and always account for a plan B.


In our next video we will help you understand the



      I love seeing all of everyone’s hard work come together on the shoot day. 

      If you are ready to work together on your next production, reach out to us today.

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