In this video we are going to go over the editing steps and the terminology that you will need to help you communicate effectively with your video editor.


After the footage is received from the production our editor will begin the FIRST EDIT. He will assemble your footage according to the agreed creative brief. He will send you the first cut to critique and make suggestions. Be specific and concise.

Every profession has its own terminology. When communicating with our editor it will help immensely  if you are familiar with a few industry terms. 


B-roll – is  the cutaway footage taken from the A roll or the main footage.

Montage- a sequence of different shots to tell a story

Cutaway – cutaway is an editing term for B-roll

Voice overs – is a narrator  commenting on the screen

Color grading : is The process of adjusting the colors, highlights, midtones, and shadows of every shot in the video to match. Colour grading can help set the mood and tell the story.

Subtitle : Text displayed at the bottom of the video that translates or transcribes what is being said.

Aspect ratio : It is the size or resolution of a video. 16×9 is the international standard format in television and most online content. A trend arising from the widespread use of smartphones is vertical video (9:16) that is intended for viewing in portrait mode. And square format (1:1) is also popular for mobile devices and social media.

Motion graphics : also called Motion Design, it is animated graphic design that brings more dynamism in a video such as text on screen, logo, transition and complex video integration.

After the first edit you will receive a SECOND EDIT – our editor will make adjustments  based on his expertise and your feedback. 

You will then receive a Final Edit – Your deliverables will be sent to you in the required format for your distribution purposes.

Editing your footage is a highly skilled process. There are countless aspects to consider when crafting your message into a final form. You will be in good hands with our award winning editor.

In our next video we will guide you on the steps to PREPARE TO PRESENT TO CAMERA.

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